Put the Giving in Thanksgiving



Fall season is upon us which means it’s time to give thanks! Next month we will be celebrating Thanksgiving so get ready to feast with turkey, mashed potatoes, and green beans. We can get caught up in the tasty food and forget the true meaning of this holiday. If you get invited to a Thanksgiving dinner this fall remember to bring a thanksgiving hostess gift. Here are some gift ideas to inspire the giving in thanksgiving!

Flowers are always a great idea when it comes to Thanksgiving hostess gifts. Our florists at Tiny's Flowers in Lansing, IL are here to help you find the perfect fall floral arrangement. A beautiful handcrafted flower arrangement will surely show your hostess how much you appreciate their hospitality. For example, the Fields of Europe For Fall Centerpiece is a gorgeous Thanksgiving gift your hostess will love!

Fall time is jam time! Get some apples, pumpkins or strawberries and make some jam to bring to the Thanksgiving dinner. This is a great Thanksgiving hostess gift idea to show how much you care. Food is often the way to the heart. Butter up with a jar a homemade jam, and everyone will be just peachy.

Wine is a great Thanksgiving hostess gift! Go to your favorite wine shop get a nice wine bottle. If you choose this type of Thanksgiving hostess gift, remember to ask your hostess if they have any alcohol restrictions. You may also want to ask them if they have a favorite type of wine.

Thanksgiving is a season to show gratitude for the relationships in our lives. This year make sure to bring a Thanksgiving hostess gift if you get invited to a dinner gathering. Our florist at Tiny's Flowers in Lansing, IL are here to help you find the perfect fall floral arrangement to express how thankful you are.

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