Radiant in Red this Winter


Winter is the most magical time of year to host a wedding! Winter weddings are the perfect opportunity to go all out. Deck the halls with décor as radiant and beautiful as the blushing bride. When we're planning a winter wedding color palette, we love sparkling white and bold red. Red and white are a traditional romantic choice for weddings because they're perfect with every different style.

The florists at Tiny's Flowers in Lansing, IL are ready to help you make your winter wedding the most magical event with beautiful red flowers for weddings. Our Red and White Personal Package for Weddings is the perfect all-in-one wedding package to make your day beautiful and easy. This beautiful package comes with three beautiful bridesmaid bouquets filled with red wedding flowers and four matching red floral boutonnieres, complemented with a beautiful, striking white bridal bouquet. This is the perfect package to complement a radiant red wedding theme.

Soft romantic flowers are perfect for a traditional, romance-themed winter wedding. Nothing looks more romantic than a bride in an all-white gown holding a bouquet of red wedding flowers. Red roses are the perfect choice for classic romance during a traditional wedding. If you're throwing a traditional event, we suggest keeping the color palette as simple and sophisticated as possible. Instead of adding in more colors, decorate with beautiful textures. Lace table runners and glitter-covered candles in the centerpiece are a great way to step up the decorations while still keeping them simple and sleek.

Retro weddings are one of the trendiest wedding themes we've been seeing this winter! Bold brides who love a retro vibe should turn to red and white wedding flowers and décor. The red, white and black look gives us serious "I love Lucy" nostalgia. For a bold retro look, we suggest polka dot accents. Polka dots are definitely an unorthodox choice, but when used correctly they can be really beautiful! With bold, distinctive accents your retro wedding is sure to be the stand-out event of the winter.

Red and white wedding flowers are the perfect accent to any wedding theme. They can either be classic and simple or they can help you create the bold, modern wedding of your dreams. Our expert florists at Tiny's Flowers in Lansing, IL can help you plan the perfect romantic winter wedding with the perfect color palette and beautiful decorations.

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